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Pacioli – sharing best practices in farm level data collection and utilization.

Pacioli serves as a prominent international platform fostering the exchange of best practices in farm-level data collection and utilization. Examples of these farm level databases are FADN in Europe and ARMS in the USA.

Drawing a diverse audience from both European Union (EU) and non-EU countries, the workshop specifically engages coordinators, data collection experts, researchers, and policy analysts. These participants meet to discuss emerging trends in data collection, evolving data prerequisites, and ongoing research initiatives pertaining to farm-level datasets.

The Pacioli workshop not only provides attendees with insights into the latest advancements but also serves as a catalyst for inspiration in their daily professional work. This workshop serves as an invaluable arena for networking, fostering connections both within and outside the European Union.



Pacioli is the international workshop for coordinators, experts and researchers on farm level databases in agriculture, such as FADN in Europe (Farm Accountancy Data Network). It provides a platform to discuss best practises and innovations in data collection, data management, data analysis and data dissemination. This edition will take place in Montegrotto in Italy. The location of the workshop can be reached by public transport from the nearest airport of Venice (65 km) (alternative airports are Treviso, Bologna or Verona) .

6th of October till the 9th of October 2024

Montegrotto, Italy

The previous 28 workshops turned out to be very useful events for professionals: they experienced a source of inspiration for their day-to-day work, and it provided the opportunity to establish contacts in and outside the European Union. You may consult our website for the presentations during the previous meetings (Pacioli).

The 29th workshop is organized in collaboration with CREA-PB (research centre in Policies and Bioeconomy of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics).


The Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have become more ambitious on environmental and climate objectives. There is increasing need for monitoring not only the economic performance, but also the environmental and social performance of farming. The European Union has broadened the Farm Accountancy Data Network into the Farm Sustainability Network. Member states will implement these changes in the coming year(s).

At the same time the farming sector is changing due to an increasing scale of production, an increasing complexity of farm holdings and new opportunities of digitalization.

Topics of special interest this year are:

  • Innovative approaches to collect environmental and social variables
  • Changes in methods and ICT systems to collect and process sustainability data
  • Impact of digitalization on accounting and sustainability monitoring
  • Analyses and evaluations on the sustainability performance of farms

Furthermore, contributions are welcome on topics like:

  • Policy evaluations and research based on farm level data
  • Economic analysis of farm performance
  • New trends in data dissemination methods (internet sites, dashboards, etc.)
  • Farm accounting and data collection methods
  • Methods of Sampling and weighting and typology of farms

Montegrotto, Italy

The 29th Pacioli workshop will be organized in Montegrotto, a thermal area near Padua, in the landscapes of the Euganean Hills Natural Park. This is one of the greatest thermal areas in Europe, where water flows from the springs at a very high temperature (80°C) and then cooled to an ideal temperature of 30-35°C.

80% of Euganean Hills is covered by cultivated land. The Park has been shaped by human activities over the millennia: vineyards were already cultivated during the Iron Age, olive trees during the Roman period. The “Strade dei Vini” and the presence of agritourisms promote the traditional local production for a balanced development of the local economy. The Venetian villas and their beautiful gardens witness the importance of the cultural heritage in this area.


The participation fee is Euro 895 (excl. VAT). This includes workshop fee, coffee breaks, meals, hotel room for three nights and excursion. Participants will receive the presentations and other workshop materials.
If you need further information, please send an email to

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